(October 21, 2016)

Corrected Issues:

  • Resource:
    Experimental optimize rule being reset on update

    • Fixed an issue
      that would cause the Resource normal optimize rule to be reset when updating
      the values in experimental optimize rule.
  • Anchored
    operations becoming un-anchor on import

    • Fixed an issue
      that could cause jobs to become un-anchored when importing activity data
      without importing the anchored values.
  • Buy
    Direct Materials: Restore functionality

    • Buy Direct
      materials can once again be imported and updated.
  • CTP
    dialog shows start and end dates of top level ManufacturingOrder only

    • CTP start and
      end dates have been corrected for cases with multiple Manufacturing Orders.
  • Optimize
    Plant: jobs move from plantA to PlantB when optimizing plantA

    • When optimizing
      a single plant, unscheduled jobs will only attempt to schedule in the plant
      being optimized. Jobs that are fully scheduled in other plants will not be
      affected. Note that jobs that are not eligible in a single plant will need to
      be scheduled by optimizing all plants.