(May 3, 2018)

New Features:

  • RCI: Remove reliance on User’s local time for time

    • Fixed an issue
      that would cause weekly recurring capacity intervals to shift after daylight
      saving time changes.
  • Material Availability: Update calculation to account
    for Lot codes

    • Updated
      material availability gantt line to account for lot codes

Corrected Issues:

  • Exception error when optimizing
  • MRP: POs are generated that are not required
  • Commit Schedule: Null reference exception
    • Fixed an issue
      when committing schedule.
  • Grids cancel without notice
    • Fixed an issue
      where UI grids are canceling without notice or display to the user. This was
      causing inaccuracies when using grids.
  • MRP: Required dates on PurchaseOrders are later than
  • Resource change dialog — save and close causes jobs to
  • Advancing the Clock causes an Offline interval to

    • Fixed an issue
      where Recurring Capacity Intervals were not correctly recurring if the start
      date was in the future and the end of the recurrence was based on an end date.
  • Exception on Expedite
    • Fixed an Object
      reference error that could occur on expedite in some cases
  • Resource Transfer Time can be lost when predecessors
    operations are finished.
  • Job with finished operation that has transfer time and
    a started successor fails to schedule.
  • When first op is finished job fails to schedule
    • Fixed a rare issue
      that could cause a job to fail to schedule
  • Job marked as late even though it’s finishing on time
  • Manual Schedule Only box does not work when optimizing
    by plant
  • Move Activities button gives object reference error
    • Fixed an issue
      in the Activities Grid where using the move buttons would result in an error.
  • Jobs fail to schedule after Import
    • Resolved: If a
      Job exists in the System and is already scheduled, then a new Job is imported
      that has a successor MO link to the existing Job, the first job fails to
      schedule on ConstraintChangeAdjustment. It should unschedule. When it fails to
      schedule, it causes other jobs to fail to schedule as well.
  • All operations are being flagged as Late in the
    Scheduling tab
  • Product Rule: Job fails to schedule
    • Added
      validation to resolve this: This is being caused by data validation problem.
      Operations 30s activity is set the state of running, but it has a available
      material date in the future. It shouldn’t be set the running if it is available
      material date in the future. Basically if an activity is already running the
      system presumes are no constraint preventing the operation from starting such
      as the available material and the future for operation 30.
  • Tanks: Tanks not emptying
    • Fixed an issue
      that prevented multiple jobs from emptying one tank.
  • Operations are scheduled to run simultaneously on
    single-tasking resource
  • JIT Start Date is incorrect and the Job shows as Late

Minor Changes:

  • UI Error: Duplicate key
  • Error: Window Handle Error
  • PO default scheduled receipt date is 6/21/2003
    • When manually
      creating a new Purchase Order, the default values have been updated to be more
  • Endless Scrolling on the Materials Grid
    • Fixed an issue that
      could cause the materials grid to slowly scroll on its own.
  • Error when searching grid
    • Grid layouts in
      the Mapping Wizard now save correctly
  • Materials Grid can’t filter the
    “UnavailableQty” column. It returns a System Message: Object
    must be of type Decimal
  • Add PlannedScrapQty fields to publish
    • Added the
      following new fields to publish:
    • MaterialRequirement.PlannedScrapQtyOperation.PlannedScrapQtyMR.AllowPartialSupply
  • Publishing UserDefined field of type TimeSpan fails
  • WebInstaller: Remove admin requirement when installing

    • When installing
      the client manager, the web-installer does not need to be run as Administrator.
      This will make it easier for clients to install it on clients. If admin permissions
      are required to install the selected features, the user will be prompted.
  • What-IF – Undo – displays user ID not user Name
  • GetCriticalRatio calculation updated
  • UI Performance slowed when logging large amount of
    import errors
  • Inventory Plan – On Hand Plot shows job materials twice