1. Review of the zipped files you received….

review of zip

2. Locate APS Software Folder.  Usually located in ProgramData (hidden folder) on Main Drive

– C:\ProgramData\PlanetTogether\Software

– If you need help revealing hidden files please navigate to “Folder Options” located in Control Panels

folder options

3. Copy the Folder containing the New Software (2013.6.17.1) into the Software Folder described in Step #2

Before Copy

before move - software folder

After Copy

after move

4. Open Enterprise Client, and click “New” or “Copy” depending on if you are creating a new instance or would like to copy an already existing instance.

EC new copy

5. Fill in Instance Name, Server Manager, Version (make sure to select the new version 2013.6.17.1 in this example), and Integration Code.

new version drop down

6. Click Create


7. If instance was created or copied successfully then you will see the following window popup, and may click “OK”

create success

8. The Enterprise Client will now show the newly created Instance (“manual install” in this example)

new instance in EC

9. IMPORTANT: Due to this version being a Pre-Release or Limited Release and not a Web Release, the “Login” button (seen in Enterprise Client) will not function as intended).  The Client will have to be installed and manually launched.  The following will guide you though this process.



1. The Client Folder can be copied to any location on Computer (In this example it is being copied to the Desktop)

client folder copy

2. To launch Client application, Open Client Folder (APSClient 2013.6.17.1) and click on “APSClient.exe”

launch client

3.  The Window “Advanced Planning & Scheduling” will appear, please fill in the Tabs (Credentials, Connection, & Advanced)

– Credentials:


– Connection: Instance name needs to match instance name in Enterprise Client


– Advanced: Most likely will not need to change anything on this tab


4. Click “Login” button, and APS Client will start

final login

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