Connecting to an Instance

The login client allows remote computers to connect to the same APS instance. To add a connection to the server, click on the “Change Connection” drop-down and select “New Connection”, Enter in the IP address of the server, leaving the port at 7990, and click Save. Once the connection has been added, select your instance from the dropdown menu.


There are two settings in the options section. These settings are optional and will affect the way the program logs into the server.

  1. Skip client files update – Enabling this option will not pull files from the server that are normally used by the client, and may help to speed up slow login times. The files that may be affected include:
    • Workspaces
    • Reports
    • Text Overrides
    • Custom Icons
  2. Check for APS Sign-In updates – This is checked by default, and when unchecked, will not search for updates to the login client when it opens. If this option is enabled and an update becomes available, a message at the bottom of the login client will alert users of this