1) Open APS Enterprise Client and stop services on desired instance.

1 stop services

2) Navigate to Customization Folder (located within the instance folder)

——– C:ProgramDataPlanetTogetherdemo instance 2013.1.18.1SystemDataCustomizations

3 cust folder

3) Copy Customization DLL file to Customization Folder above

4 cust added

4) In APS Enterprise Client, highlight the desired instance and click EDIT button

2 edit instance

5) Navigate to Recordings Tab

5 absorb

6) Check Box “Absorb customizations folder (Not applicable for unit testing)”

7) Click Save and Close Button

8) Highlight desired instance and click “Start Services” Button

6 start services

9) Your customization file will load as services are started.

NOTE: This will embed the customization code into the current scenarios.dat file, meaning that this customization will be permanently be associated with the scenarios.dat file.  This allows you to uncheck “Absorb customizations folder (Not applicable for unit testing)” in the future, and still load your recording file.

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