What are Layouts?

A Layout stores the following Objects:
– Column Filters
– Column Position
– Columns (Hide/Show)
– Row Sorting


How do I access the Layout toolbar?

Typically the toolbar will appear if a change has been made to the Layout, but if you want to force the toolbar to appear you can click the “Manage Layouts” button on the Grid Toolbar.


How do I create a Layout?

To create a Layout, click the “New” button on the Layout Toolbar, give a name to your Layout and click “Create”.

How do I save a Layouts?

Once a change (filter, position, sorting, etc…) has been made to a Layout. A “Save” button will appear and need to be clicked to Save. If you don’t like your changes you can revert back to the last saved state of the Layout by clicking the “Reload” button.

How do I switch Layouts?

You can switch Layouts by using the dropdown menu in the Layouts toolbar.

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 3.57.34 PM

Can I share a Layout between Workspaces?

Yes! When creating a new Layout simply select the “Use in all Workspaces” option. This will add the layout to all local Workspaces.

share layout.001