If you are using the Windows 10 Operating System and are experiencing PlanetTogether APS crashing when it finishes loading, please refer below for a workaround:

Below is the message that shows up in PlanetTogether APS after the splash screen goes away.  After pressing Close program, PlanetTogether APS will shutdown.

APSClient.exe stopped working

There is a way to get around this issue.  You must uninstall an update from Windows Update.  This will not require a restart of your computer even if you are prompted to restart.

Here are the steps to remove Windows Update KB3132372,

  1. From the Start menu, click System -> Update & security
  2. On the Windows Update sidebar, click Advanced Options.
  3. Click View your update history
  4. Click Uninstall updates
  5. A new File Explorer window should appear, in the upper right search for KB3132372.
  6. Uninstall KB3132372