Keys Shortcut Description
O + left_click Optimize Optimize the schedule from the clicked point to the end of the schedule.
C + left_click Compress Compress the schedule of everything before the click point.
Alt + drag Alternate Path Move Reschedule the job on a different Alternate Path starting at the drop time.
U + left_click Unschedule Job Unschedule a Job.
A + left_click Anchor/Un-Anchor Activity Anchor/Un-Anchor the activity.
L + left_click Lock/Un-Lock Activity Lock/Unlock the operation.
R + left_click Lock:Anchor/Un-Lock:Un-Anchor Activity Lock and Anchor of an activity.
Shift + drag Non-Exact Move The move is the opposite of the Exact Move setting on the Gantt’s toolbar. If the toolbar button isn’t depressed then an Exact Move is performed. If it’s depressed then a non-Exact move is performed.
Ctrl + left_click Select Multiple Activities Used in the Gantt or by selecting multiple Jobs in the Jobs pane and then dragging-and-dropping in the Gantt will Expedite the selected Jobs to the drop time at the mouse location when dropped.
Ctrl + right_click Drop at Mouse Cursor Move selected activity/activities to mouse cursor resource/time on gantt.
Shift + lasso_mouse Lasso Select of Activities Lasso Select of Activities.
Ctrl + lasso_mouse Lasso Zoom Lasso Zoom.
Ctrl + Z + left_click Undo Last Lasso Zoom To negate to a previous Lasso Zoom.
V + drag Batch Activities Batch Activities


Keys Shortcut Description
S + left_click Split Job Split Job starting from the clicked cycle.
Shift + S + left_click Split Job (dialog) Split Job dialog.
Shift + Ctrl + S + left_click Split MO Split ManufacturingOrder starting from the clicked cycle.
Shift + Ctrl + Alt + S + left_click Split MO (dialog) Split ManufacturingOrder dialog.
J + left_click Join Jobs Join the Job you clicked with the Job scheduled before it, resulting in a single Job. Or if there are two ManufacturingOrders from the same job next to each other they are joined.


Keys Shortcut Description
E + left_click Expedite Job Expedite Job.
Shift + E + left_click Expedite Job (override Frozen Zone) Expedite Job, override Frozen Zone.
W + left_click Expedite Job (drag/drop) A single Job can also be Expedited via drag-and-drop using this keyboard shortcut.
Shift + Ctrl + E + left_click Expedite MO Expedite ManufacturingOrder.
Shift + Ctrl + Alt + E + left_click Expedite MO (override Frozen Zone) Expedite ManufacturingOrder, override FrozenZone.


Keys Shortcut Description
num_row_1num_row_9 , num_row_0 + left_click Add Cycles to MO Increment the number of cycles of a ManufacturingOrder by this much.
Shift + num_row_1num_row_9 , num_row_0 + left_click Remove Cycles from MO Decrement the number of cycles of a ManufacturingOrder by this much.
Q + left_click Change Cycles (dialog) Change the Quantity of a job by adjusting the number of cycles to run.


Keys Shortcut Description
Alt + drag Round Capacity Interval on Move Capacity Interval the drop time rounded to the nearest half hour.
T + left_click Toggle Online/Offline Toggle a capacity interval between online and offline.
I + left_click Convert Series to Occurance Change a capacity interval and all its predecessors into Instances.

In Development

Keys Shortcut Description
B + left_click Drag/Drop Between Plants/Departments Drag-and-Drops the Activity between Departments or Plants. (disabled)
D + left_click Delete Job (in testing mode) Delete the Job (this is only active in internal testing mode).
G + drag Move all split activities Ensure all split activities for that operation will also be moved to the destination resource.

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