JIT Scheduling

JIT means that your Operations start with just enough time to complete by the Need Date, which can be useful useful if you don’t want your Jobs to start too early. For example JIT Scheduling can be used to accommodate last minute changes to orders or to avoid damage or spoilage of inventory.

Using JIT Scheduling with Optimize

To view an operation’s JIT Start Date, right-click an Operation in the Gantt Pane and open ‘Properties’. This is the time that the specified Operation must start in order for the whole Job to finish ‘Just in time’


To enable JIT Scheduling, open the Optimize Options dialog by clicking the small black arow under the Optimize button. In the “Release Rule to Use” drop down menu , choose “JIT Release Date” as the Release Rule and specify the number of slack days you’d like.


Overiding Slack Days on Resources

If you’d like a Resource to be able to start earlier than specified by the JIT Slack Days, double-click that Resource in the Gantt. Under the Optimization tab in the pop up window, you’ll find a drop down for Headstart Span, which you can specify how many days in advance a resource can start. This wiill allow the Resource to start that many days ahead of the JIT date. This is useful if the Resource incurs a large set-up time, or if it is the bottleneck Resource