Helper Resources

When Operations use more than one Resource, you have a Primary Resource and Helper Resources. The scheduling algorithm works so that the Primary Resource is scheduled first, and then it looks for Helper Resources that are available at the same time. The Primary Resource will determine the length of the Operation, so it should be whichever Resource is time-constrained. The helper resource is often a labor Resource (because workers have specific calendars), but it can also be a machine. You can define which Resource is Primary in the Job dialog under the Resources tab. When running an Optimize, it will search for helper resources in the order in which they were created, and the scheduler will use the first available helper it finds.

Allowed Helper 1

Helper resource requirements can be configured to start and end at different times than the primary resource. Resource Requirments “UsageStart”, and “UsageEnd” fields can be used to specify when a resource is needed.  For instance if a worker were required for setting up an operation, the worker’s resource requirments “UsageStart” and “UsageEnd” would both be set to Setup. If a different worker were required to run an operation, the worker’s resource requirments “UsageStart” would be set to Run and “UsageEnd” would be set to Post-Processing , Storage, or Storage Post-Processing.

Allowed Helpers

The Allowed Helpers functionality allows users to restrict which helper resources can be scheduled with a specific primary resource.

Configuring Allowed Helpers

  • Find the Allowed Helpers window in the Resources Section of the Data Tab
  • The Allowed Helpers menu defines which Helper Resources a Primary Resource is able to use
  • If an Allowed Helper is not available, the job using the Primary Resource will fail to schedule, even if the Primary Resource is available.
  • If no Allowed Helpers are defined then the selection of Helpers is independent of the Primary Resource selected and any Resource with the specified Capabilities in the Operation can be used as the scheduled Helper

Allowed Helper 2