License Service allows for automatic updates of Keys. This is useful when it comes time to renew or if keys need to be reconfigured. Only a Service Restart is required to apply any key changes.

Note: License Service is only available in Software versions 2013.10.25.1 or later, and requires a special Key configuration. If you’d like to switch to license service please email and we’ll get you started.

Note2: If you choose to use license service all instance must use it. ie. one instance cant use a CPU or WINDOWS id Key while others use the License Service.

Note3: You server will need inbound and outbound connections allowed to the following web services.

  • Process to Enable License Service…
    1) Stop Services on Instance you’d like to use with License Services.
    2) Edit Server Manager
    3) “check” Use License Service
    4) Set Ping and Timeout Intervals (Timeout Interval must always be greater than Ping Interval)
    5) Save and Close
    6) Associate License Serial Code to Instance
    7) Restart Services

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