In this example, we will be setting up attribute tables for each of the Fin Presses. The attributes will be for Die Letters, Hole Diameter, Pattern Number, and Maximum Fin Rows. First we will map the user defined fields, then we will setup the tables to referenced the newly mapped fields.

1. Determine which fields to map, and which View to map them to. In our example, we will map U_Fin_Row, U_Fin_Id, U_Fin_Hole, and U_Fin_Pattern from the WOR1 table in the Navigator database to the APS_Operation view in the PlanetTogether import database called “ProductionOneAPS_Import”. This is done by first selecting the fields in the APS_OperationHelper view, which will then pass the values on to the APS_Operation view:

2. The APS_Operation view selects the new fields U_Fin_Row, U_Fin_Id, U_Fin_Hole, and U_Fin_Pattern:

3. Now the attributes of a resource have to be mapped to PlanetTogether. We gather information from the APS_Operation view, which receives information from the Navigator tables: @NBS_RESOURCE, OWOR, WOR1, and OITM. The information is first sent to the APS_AttributeHelper and then through to the APS_Attributes view:

4. The APS_Attributes view creates an entry for each of the 4 attributes of the Fin Press resource.

5. Now, in the PlanetTogether data mappings wizard, we must make sure that the “Operation Attributes” checkbox is checked on the “Job Objects to Import” page.

6. On the “Operation Attributes” mapping page, we need to select from the APS_Attributes view and map the corresponding data items:

7. Then on the Data tab, click the Setup Tables button and click the “Create new (Insert)” icon (att7 icon) on the Setup Tables pop-up window:

8. Add attribute names and values. The names must correspond to the names used in creating the APS_Attributes view in step 4 above. For the Die Letter (FinDie attribute), we have substituted a number corresponding to the letter of the alphabet, A = 1, B = 2, C = 3, etc.

9. Select the “Resources using this table” tab, and select the resources to be associated with each of the attribute setup tables. Save and Close the tables when you are done.

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