A Capability is a classification of a skill or function that can be performed by a Resource.  For example, a Capability might be “cutting” or “inspection”.  Each Resource has one or more Capabilities that indicate the types of work that it can perform.  In addition, each Job Operation Resource Requirement has one ore more Required Capabilities indicating the Capabilities that a Resource must have to be considered eligible to perform the Operation.  If an Operation, for example, requires a CNC machine and a CNC operator then you would create two Capabilities such as: CNC and CNC-Operator.  Then the Operation would have two Resource Requirements — one specifying CNC and one specifying CNC-Operator.

Note: If capabilities are set for an operation, a resource must have all of the required capabilities to perform the operation. If the resource does not have the proper capabilities, an error message will pop up indicating this when attempting to move the job to this resource.

Adding and Editing Capabilities

In the Data tab on the ribbon, click the Resources button. This will open the Resource Configurator. From this window, click the Capabilities tab. Here you can find a list of all capabilities, as well as create new ones.

Capability settings

The capability settings window has 4 tabs:

  • Name: Users can name/rename the capability, as well as add an External ID, and add a description of the capability.
  • Notes: provides a field for users to add internal notes about the capability.
  • Attributes: Users can set a number of attributes for the capability, including setup hours, setup cost, and when to incur setup.
  • User Fields: Allows users to configure User Defined Field (UDF) for the capability.


Adding a capability to a resource

From the capabilities tab in the Resource Configurator, find the desired resource in the grid. Under the “Resource Count” column, click the white square button, this will open a list of resources. Resources that have this capability will be highlighted in blue. To select multiple resources, use Ctrl+click to select desired resources from the list.

capabilities 2

Adding a capability to an operation

Open a job window and select the appropriate operation. Click on the operation tab on the upper left corner of the window, which will open the operation settings. In these settings, click on the Resources tab at the top of the window, this will display the resource requirements. On the desired resource requirement row, click on the button in the “Required capabilities” column, this will open a list of capabilities. To select a capability, click on the white box next to the desired rows then click Save and Close.