PlanetTogether Analytics

For an in-depth look at PlanetTogether Analytics see our Trial Analytics Guide

PlanetTogether Analytics allows users to take full advantage of all of the information that is associated with a production schedule by placing all of the data into interactive reports. These forward looking reports allow users to analyze schedule information in order to better plan operations based on the current production schedule. These reports can also be used for customer service purposes to keep track of changes to customer orders.

Accessing Analytics

Navigate to the Analytics Login Page at and log in with Analytics Credentials

Analytics Roles

  • There are 5 roles defined within Analytics with a unique dashboard assigned to each role
    1. Customer Service – Information that helps your customer service representative answer customer’s questions.
    2. Finance Manager – Information associated with costs and revenue that helps determine how a plant is performing.
    3. Manufacturing Manager – Information associated with current activity and future capacity.
    4. Operations Manager – Information associated with demands on the plant associated with the production schedule.
    5. Planner – Information associated with planning and executing a production schedule.